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Watch for These Furnace Problems This Winter

Winter is, naturally, a very stressful time for our furnaces. Wear and tear is increased, and the chance of a serious issue happening is much more likely. Even if you’ve had your heating system maintained before the season started, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye out for any potential problems that may crop up this winter. Keep reading for a couple of common furnace problems we receive winter time service calls for.

Failed Ignition

Are you using a gas furnace? Most homeowners do, and if you’re one of them then your heating system relies on some type of ignition device to start up. This may be a standing pilot light—which is quite common among older systems—a heating element, or an intermittent electric system.

Usually, the first indication that something is wrong with the ignition system is that the furnace fails to start up. Though this is an inconvenient issue, our professionals will have no problem fixing it as soon as possible.

Air Handler Breakdown

Your furnace’s air handler is the component responsible for circulating air through the system during its operation. In order to compensate for the friction generated during its operation, the air handler motor is outfitted with oiled bearings, which wear down over time until they require replacement.

You’ll notice when the bearings are worn down due to loud grinding noises they make during operation. If the bearings are not promptly replaced at this point, then the friction will continue to mount, until the air handler motor burns itself out. Be sure to give our team a call for repairs as soon as you hear this noise—it’s far more affordable to replace the bearings than it is to replace the entire motor.

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