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Should These Furnace Noises Concern You?

You know the noises your furnace makes during normal operation? Most of them are normal—but some of them are those that you shouldn’t hear and should never ignore. Odd noises coming from your heating system are often signs of developing problems that may lead to expensive repairs or even a complete breakdown. Perhaps the issue is a small one, but even the smallest problem can cause wear and tear to accumulate until your furnace does you no good at all.

To help avoid major furnace problems, it’s important that you keep up on your maintenance appointments. But whether or not you had your furnace properly maintained before this heating season, you should still listen for the following noises, and know that yes, they are cause for concern.


Some of our customers describe a “moaning” sound coming from their furnace. This is typically caused by a problem with the motor bearings—they’ve likely become worn down and need replacement. Addressing this as soon as possible will reduce your chances of needing a whole motor replacement.


Does it sound like something is bouncing around in your furnace? Then that’s probably exactly what’s going on: a blower motor fan belt or some other component may have become loose. This can damage other components in your furnace, so it is definitely not a problem to ignore.


This is not a normal operational sound, despite beliefs otherwise. It’s most often caused by a dirty burner. Cleaning your burners is part of what we do during your maintenance appointment, so do be sure to keep up on these tune-ups!

Loud Clicking

Sometimes, this is caused by something benign; perhaps a loose outside panel that needs to be screwed down. However, in the absence of an easily resolved issue such as this, you want to call in a professional to check for a cracked heat exchanger—this can turn into a very costly, and potentially dangerous, problem.

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