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4 Common Heating Issues You May Face This Winter

Temperatures have finally started to cool down here in Texas, particularly at night. As such, you may have already turned on your heating system for the season. If so, you hopefully haven’t run into any detrimental issues. However, if you haven’t had your heater maintained within the last year, then there are some common repair issues that you should certainly be aware of.

1. High Utility Bills

Naturally, using your HVAC system is going to result in increased energy bills. After all, your HVAC systems account for about half of all the energy you use in your home. However, a sudden and unexplained spike in your utility bills could certainly signal that something is wrong with your heater that needs inspection and potential repair.

2. Insufficient Heating

One of the most apparent signs that something is wrong with your heating system is that although it seems to be functioning, it’s not providing you with sufficient heat. Since the entire purpose of a whole-house heater is to keep you and your family warm, this is of course an aggravating issue. There are a few different reasons this might happen, but the solution will always be getting in touch with a professional HVAC technician, such as the members of our staff.

3. Cold Air

So what if the air coming out of your heater isn’t just lukewarm but is actually cold? If you experience this, it may be due to a thermostat malfunction, or it could be the result of something more serious occurring with your furnace or heat pump.

4. Uneven Heating

One final possible sign of a malfunctioning heating system is cold spots throughout your home. If you have a forced-air system, this could be the sign of breached ductwork. If your heating system is zoned, then it may also be a sign that one of the electronically controlled dampers isn’t working.

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