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Why Is There Water Leaking from My Air Conditioner?

Many homeowners mistakenly assume that water dripping or coming from their air conditioning system is normal. After all, it’s a condensation device right? Well, if we are talking about a small amount of water near the condensate drain pipe, or if there is a relatively tiny puddle around the outdoor unit, then it’s likely nothing to worry about. The problem arises when you are seeing much more water than you normally would.

Why Would This Happen?

There are a number of reasons that you may notice a large amount of water coming from your system, or even water that persists for more than a day. These are both causes for concern, so be sure not to ignore these signs. Only a licensed air conditioning expert can properly inspect and repair any issues with your system.

One of the reasons you may be seeing excess water is because of a dirty air filter. Clogged air filters cause restricted airflow to the evaporator’s oils. These coils can freeze and cause water to spill out of the condensate drain pan. Another cause could be a cracked condensate drain pan. Lastly, your condensate drain pipe may have an obstruction that’s forcing water to back up and out of the component, getting all over the floor.

What to Do

So let’s say you have noticed excessive water coming from your air conditioner. Try replacing your air filter, and also cleaning the condensate line and checking for cracks or other damage. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then there may be something more complex occurring, which requires the skills of a professional. Be sure to take action right away if you notice an AC leak, to prevent further damage both to your AC system and your home.

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