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What it Means When Your AC Ices Over

Many homeowners are confused when they find ice forming on their air conditioners, especially during the heat of summer. Does this mean that the system is doing particularly well? Is it putting out more cool air than normal? No, in fact, quite the opposite. Ice on your air conditioner is a sign that the system is in distress, and it can typically be narrowed down to one or two specific problems. Let’s take a look at those problems, and the consequences they can generate for your air conditioner.

Why It Happens

The evaporator coil is the part of your air conditioning system that evaporates refrigerant, in order to absorb heat from the air. Ice on your air conditioner always starts with the evaporator coil icing over, which can be caused by two things: a clogged air filter or low refrigerant. Clogged air filters cut off the flow of warm air to the coil, while low refrigerant prevents the coil from absorbing enough heat. Either way, the coil eventually becomes so cold that it freezes the moisture that collects on it during operation. That is where the ice comes from.

What It Can Do

There are a couple of different consequences of letting ice build up on your air conditioner. The weight of the ice can eventually become great enough to permanently warp the evaporator coil, requiring that it be replaced. The ice can also travel to other parts of the system, causing them to freeze up and break down. The longer ice is allowed to build on your air conditioner, the more damage it can do to the system. If you notice that your air conditioner has ice on it, you should call us right away to have a look at it.

If your air conditioner is icing over, call Roznovak’s Services today. Our professional technicians serve all of Austin, TX.

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