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Ways You Can Update Your Current Air Conditioning System

Your air conditioning system does a sufficient job at providing cool air to your home when you need it. But if you’re not getting quite the performance you deserve from your home comfort system, there may be a few changes you can make that will keep you more comfortable, save some money, and even improve the quality of your air.

You know to call a professional whenever you need residential AC repairs. However, the following services are some other ways you can update your air conditioner for a more relaxing home. These require the help of a professional technician, but can help prevent repairs and save you time and money later on.

  • Thermostat Upgrade: Thermostats have an important job: detect the indoor temperature and send a signal to the air conditioner when the temperature is higher than you have set the thermostat. It may seem that all thermostats work the same way, but a new thermostat can help you save energy and ward off repairs. A programmable wireless thermostat can be placed anywhere and has a digital display and advanced settings so that you can vary the temperature throughout the day. A smart thermostat can operate with an internet connection from a computer or smartphone. Controlling the temperature throughout the day keeps costs down and stops your system from becoming overworked and requiring repairs.
  • Zone Control Installation: Zone control systems allow you to adjust the temperature differently in individual areas or zones of the home. Separate thermostats mean family members are more comfortable wherever they are in the home, and it can help you save energy. You can shut off the air in areas of the home that go unused throughout the day, while keeping it on in the main living spaces.
  • Air Filtration System: An air filtration system can keep the air indoors feeling less stale, and can help keep allergies and asthma from acting up by filtering out certain harmful particles, bacteria, and mold spores. Try a new UV air purifier, dehumidifier, or electronic air filters.
  • Professional Maintenance: Finally, you can update your air conditioner by making the call to a professional technician for annual air conditioning maintenance. A technician will inspect the parts of your system, clean some components, and make minor adjustments to keep your unit running in the best shape possible.

Call the experts at Roznovak for thee updates or whenever you need professional residential AC repairs in Round Rock, TX.

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