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Potential Ductless Issues to Be Aware Of

ductless blower up on a wallDuctless heating and cooling has become very popular in recent years. Rather than functioning through a network of air ducts connected to an indoor air handler and evaporator unit, ductless heating and cooling systems break up the indoor unit and blower fans to distribute conditioned air into the various rooms of your a through mini air handlers mounted high up on the walls.

If you’ve been in a home and have seen something up on a wall that looks like a window AC but it doesn’t go back through the wall, then you’re looking at a ductless air handler. These wall-hanging units are hooked up to a single outdoor cabinet, creating a central heat pump system without ductwork.

Addressing Potential Problems

You’ve likely seen us mention a couple times on our blog how beneficial ductless systems are. They’re a good idea for so many homes, especially those that are multi-story or have multiple rooms. If you do not invest in professional Austin, TX ductless services, however, you could find yourself facing problems. Installation from a trained and experienced technician is the only way to ensure your new ductless systems works as it should for as long as it should.

But sometimes appliances and mechanical systems break. A ductless heat pump can malfunction just like any other type of HVAC system. But there are a few special circumstances for ductless systems that you should be aware of and watch for.

Water Leaks Behind Air Handlers

Each of the wall-mounted air handlers connected to the outdoor unit of a ductless system has a series of connections that are routed through a hole behind it: a power line, a refrigerant line, and a condensate line. The last one removes water moisture from the cooling process so that it doesn’t instead enter your home.

However, that condensate line can get clogged, and it can leak. As water starts to develop between the back of the air handler and the wall, the wall will weaken, and this will cause the air handler to rip away from the wall and fall off. This is almost certainly will break the air handler, and of course will damage the wall! If you notice any signs of water damage around one of your ductless air handlers, then it’s time to call in a pro.

A Broken Air Handler

This is actually a bit of a benefit when it comes to ductless systems. Having a problem with a single air handler that’s broken due to a failed motor or some other problem is a lot different than having an issue with the entire indoor unit of a centralized air conditioner.

In this case, the only part of your home that will lose cooling or heating is the one with the broken air handler. If you do have a unit that stops working, be sure to call for repairs—but know that you’re likely dealing with an isolated issue that will not affect the entire ductless system.

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