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How to Avoid the Need for AC Repair

Our days are warming up, and many of you may have already turned on your air conditioning systems to help stave off the early spring heat. We use our air conditioners for a lot of the year, so taking some steps that can help you avoid the need for A/C repair in Austin is always a good thing for our local homeowners.

We’ll outline more of these steps below, but if you are experiencing any issues with your air conditioning, call the people you can count on: Roznovak.

Step 1: Don’t Ignore Strange Sounds

Let’s be honest: no homeowner looks forward to air conditioning repair. But ignoring strange sounds or poor performance doesn’t make the problems go away, and will most likely make the problems worse. And just because your system is still operational doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem; it just means the problem hasn’t become serious enough yet to result in breakdown. So what kinds of noises are we talking about? Buzzing, banging, popping, really anything that sounds of the ordinary. When you hear anything strange, call for help.

Step 2: Change the Air Filter

As far as individual components go, your AC’s air filter is probably one of the least complicated ones in the entire system – but that doesn’t mean it can’t cause problems. A clogged air filter can seriously restrict the air flow in your entire system, causing any number of systemic problems to develop. But there’s an easy solution to this: change the air filter every 3 months. Replacing your air filter every quarter helps keep your AC healthy and eliminates the problems that can develop from a clogged air filter.

Step 3: Schedule Annual Maintenance

Maintenance is a full tune-up for your air conditioner, and spring is the perfect time to schedule it. Why schedule maintenance? During a maintenance appointment, your system is thoroughly inspected, components are cleaned and adjusted, and all moving parts are lubricated. The technician will also test for performance, and if any existing or developing problems are found, you’ll be alerted. Maintenance helps keep your system in good working order for the whole cooling season.

Have further A/C repair questions about your Austin air conditioning system? Call us today!

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