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How Can You Help Your AC Out This Summer?

help-ac-out-this-summerWhen summertime hits, we all know that there is no escaping the heat—at least, not without a fully functioning and efficient air conditioning system. But what if yours isn’t working the way you expect it to? Or perhaps your energy bills are higher than they should be?

It could be that you’re in need of Austin, TX air conditioning repair services, in which case we’re happy to help. But there are other steps you can take—even if your air conditioner has nothing wrong with it—to improve its efficiency and lower your cooling costs. Keep reading to learn more about how to help out your AC and your budget this summer.

Raise the Temperature

Okay, we imagine you’re probably thinking about how counterintuitive it is to raise the temperature, but hear us out. We don’t expect you to actually make your home hotter. We’re just saying that you may be turning your thermostat settings down much lower than really necessary.

Let’s say you have your thermostat set to 70°F degrees on a 95°F day. First off, any air conditioner is going to struggle to reach a desired temperature that is over 20°F below what it is outside. Besides that, most people are comfortable at 78°F. You can save money by each degree you turn your AC up during the summer.

Utilize Fans

We don’t mean that you should use your ceiling fans in replacement of your air conditioner (although on milder days or evenings you may decide to). Rather, we advise you to use your home’s ceiling fans in conjunction with your AC system.

Ceiling fans won’t keep you cool on their own as they do not lower the temperature. But they can make your body feel cooler, and thus make it easier for you to turn up the thermostat of your AC. Ultimately, this will lower your monthly costs and reduce the strain you’re putting on your cooling system.

Change the Air Filter

Many homeowners assume that the air filter which comes standard with their HVAC system is there to protect their indoor air. However, it’s actually there to protect the inside components of your system from dirt, dust, and other debris.

Therefore, if the air filter becomes too clogged up with dust and debris over the course of a year or more, it makes it difficult for air to circulate throughout your home, and your air conditioner will suffer and struggle.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning is a part of regular air conditioning maintenance, but isn’t always something that should wait a year between appointments. Particularly when we’re talking about the outdoor unit of your AC system. This component is prone to buildup from dirt, dust, lawn clippings, tree roots, and other debris.

If your outside coil gets dirty, you can expect a drop in cooling performance as well as efficiency.

Replace It

Let’s face it, there comes a time in every air conditioner’s life that it will need to be replaced. Although it depends on the manufacturer as well as how well the AC system is cared for, the average cooling system lasts 10–15 years. If yours is about this age, and you’re experiencing problems, then it could certainly be time for you to consider an upgrade.

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