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Electric Furnaces

Electric power is available for almost all homes, and that makes the electric furnace a continually popular choice for comfort during cold weather. Modern electric furnaces have greater energy efficiency and heating capacities than ever before, and they offer other benefits that place them at the top of many homeowners’ shopping lists for heating systems. Our technicians at Roznovak's Services offer comprehensive services for electric furnaces in Austin, TX. From replacements to speedy repair jobs, we are the company to turn to for quality home heating.

For all the services you need for an electric furnace, call Roznovak's Services. We install, replace, repair, and maintain electric furnaces in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

Why Consider an Electric Furnace?

Gas furnaces are the most common heating systems found in homes. However, electric furnaces have some important advantages that keep them competitive with gas furnaces and which sometimes make them the superior choice for a cozy home:

  • Safety: If you are concerned about toxic gas leaks and combustion dangers, an electric furnace is a good way to put your mind at ease. Electric furnaces use no heating fuels and create zero exhaust, making them one of the safer options for home heating.
  • Flexibility: A gas heating system is only possible for a home that has a connection to a local municipal natural gas line. But any home can make use of the power of a furnace that runs from electrical power. Electric furnaces come in a great variety of sizes, so there is almost certainly one that will match the needs of your home.
  • Durability: Because electric furnaces don’t suffer from the slow damage that combustion gases will cause to a natural gas furnace, they tend to last longer. They also require, on average, fewer repairs over their lifespan.

Keep Up with Electric Furnace Repairs and Maintenance

You can expect to make fewer calls for repairs for an electric furnace. But no heating system can operate 100% malfunction–free. Electric furnaces must have the work of professional repair technicians whenever they encounter trouble; even though these systems are safer than gas furnaces, they still can pose hazards to anyone who attempts to tamper with them who lacks training and the right equipment. Make sure to rely on a skilled repair team when your electric furnace begins to act up.

Regular maintenance is critical to receive the full advantages of an electric furnace. A yearly pre–season inspection from a knowledgeable service technician will see that your furnace works at its most efficient, doesn’t have any impending repair issues, and isn’t suffering from excess wear and tear. With routine maintenance from Roznovak's Services, you should enjoy many years of comfortable and cost–effective heating from your electric furnace.

We Install and Service Electric Furnaces

You only need to look to one company to find all the services necessary for a quality electric furnace: Roznovak's Services. We have been family–owned and operated since 1979, and in the years we have been in business we’ve developed an extensive family of clients who look to us for home comfort.

When you need answers to any questions regarding electric furnaces in Austin, TX, or if you want fast and excellent service to repair, maintain, or install an electric furnace, contact our friendly staff. We are glad to be of service to keep your household warm throughout the year.

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